The Amazing Power of Sweat

Let’s talk about Sweat.What kind of thoughts does it conjure up for you? It was once ‘unfeminine’ to be sweaty.I remember as a kid my Mum used to say “Animals sweat, men perspire and women glow”.These days I’m regularly dripping with that glow like I’m Tinkerbell on steroids. The great thing about sweat though is that... Continue Reading →

Is Stress Making you Fat?

Hormones play a huge part in the way our bodies function, but what I want to talk about today is the way it affects our metabolism and mood. If you are stressed you will not lose weight. Cortisol is a stress hormone which programs the body to store fat, especially around our middle. Stress causes... Continue Reading →

The Healthy way to Do Keto

A lot of people imagine keto to be lots of bacon, eggs, butter and cheese, but for Keto to be healthy and sustainable, gut health needs to be looked after by incorporating plenty of vegetables and fiber.  The whole aim of Keto is to get the body into a state of Ketosis where the body... Continue Reading →

Good, Better and Best Goals

It’s the new year and the time most of us start to think about new goals.  The problem with making new years resolutions is that we start out gung-ho and lose momentum pretty quickly when they take longer to happen than we’d like. I have a new approach for this year, and it’s the Good,… Continue Reading →