What are Net Carbs Vs. Actual Carbs

Starting out my 90-day Vegetarian keto challenge, the rules were to decide on your own parameters stick to them.  I didn’t realize net carbs were a thing until a few weeks in and didn’t want to change.

Now the challenge is over I’m wanting to open up my eating options a bit more, and I’m interested in exploring the idea.

How to calculate Net Carbs:

Total amount of carbs
Total amount of fiber
Net Carbs
For example, my Keto Oatmeal has 21.4 grams of carbs and 15 grams of fiber.  21.4 minus 15 is 6.4 net grams of carbs.

Why would I calculate Carbs like this?

It’s up to you, but without it, I found it really limited the number of vegetables I could eat.  Carbs are everywhere people, even in the good green stuff. (Vegetables)  And vegetables are extremely important when it comes to good gut health.  We need the fiber in vegetables to act as pre biotics, which act as the food for probiotics, the good bacteria in our gut.  For more information on the affect of gut health on our weight read here

Comparison example in Fruit and Vegetable

  Total Carbs Total Fibre Net Carbs
Avocado 11.6g 9.1g 2.5g
1 cup of Raspberries 14.69g 8g 6.69g
1 cup of Spinach 1.09g 0.7g 0.39g
Medium Zucchini 6.57g 2.2g 4.37g
Asparagus, 1 spear 0.78g 0.4g 0.38g
1 cup sliced Cucumber 3.78g


what are net carbs what are net carbs


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