Sleep: skin, recovery and weightloss


Sleep is so important for recovery, health and weight loss, that I’m waging a small war on it at the moment.  Not on sleep, rather lack of.
I’d read one of those facebook articles where it defines exactly what is going on in your life based on where your pimples are.  I had been having pimples on my chin, this was a relatively new thing in the past few years, even as a teenager I was relatively unscathed by pimples.   I can even remember being teased by a jackass in year 8 for not having pimples.  But according to this article, chin acne has to do with hormone imbalance, and a part of ‘how to fix it’ was getting enough sleep.
Sleep and hormones huh. Hormone imbalance seemed to be a thing that keeps cropping up.
This whole keto trial has also put a big focus on hormones for me. A high-fat diet has boosted my estrogen in a huge way.  Sorry for TMI but I have been bleeding on and off for the entire time, but my face has been spotless.
A part of this gym challenge is also about weight loss, and it’s a juggle between removing the insulation and building strength.  I am pretty lucky, I generally don’t get very sore after workouts, not that I don’t work really hard at the time I assure you.  But with my changes in fuel and body composition I’m starting to feel fatigued.
As far as the weight loss/hormone situation goes, if you don’t sleep enough your cortisol levels rise, which is the stress hormone associated with fat gain.  It also activates the reward center in your brain that makes you want food.  Ok, that makes sense, I’m sure everyone can recognize the need for comfort food when you’re exhausted.
I’ve actually been taking a supplement called ‘Crash’.  It came in a little sachet with a protein powder delivery once. It gave me my first night of proper sleep in ages so I ordered a jar.  It’s meant to support deep rem sleep. My husband tried it once and it didn’t work for him at all.  I don’t think it’s a placebo effect, it does have Valerian root and Phenibut HCL which is meant to have anti-stress and anti-anxiety effects.  Either way, that is a part of my sleep plan. I also used to get up and work when my husband when to a 5.30 am gym class.  I’m sure Winter has helped, but I now let myself rest and stay in bed until around 7am.  It’s pretty good.  I might start getting up earlier again when it warms up, I get so much done in that time before the rest of the house wakes, but for now, rest is my friend.
I’m actually finally feeling pretty on top of the sleep situation, most of the time.  I think my general fatigue is fuel related, but I feel like I’m doing the most I can for my body as far as sleep and time to recover goes.


I'm a freshly retired dance studio owner, who is on a quest to nourish my soul creatively and artistically.

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