Keto Fog and electrolytes

Keto Fog and electrolytes
I’ve had an interesting week, body/health wise, It was the first time I came across the concept of Keto Fog.  Earlier in the week, it occurred to me that I was unusually reactive to stimulants like caffeine.  Coffee is my friend, though I haven’t been drinking quite as much as usual lately.  I didn’t sleep Wednesday night due to a 4pm pick me up that kept me up until 3am despite being exhausted, then Thursday morning I went to a meeting where I drank coffee, then threw back a preworkout before class. 
I was seriously bouncing off the walls at the start of class, I was almost delirious. 
During warm-up, a headache began so I took painkillers, during the strength component it was so bad it felt like a migraine coming on and I was about to vomit. I was seriously contemplating calling my husband to drive me home. I don’t know if it was the drugs kicking in or 6 minutes of wall balls and kettlebell swings flushing it out, but I felt fine by the end of the WOD.  Occasional dull brain aches have definitely been a thing ever since.

The Keto Fog Begins

Today I have been in a serious fog. I feel like I drank too many wines at lunch then had to go back to work and my brain just hasn’t been cooperating. But this has been happening since 8am and there was no wine. 
Keto fog is a thing, right? Apparently, it’s due to lack of electrolytes. A deficiency of magnesium and potassium. I have been a bit slack with magnesium lately which I take for recovery. Other symptoms include headaches and cramping. Doh! It’s all beginning to make sense.
Dehydration also has the same symptoms of Keto Fog, so drinking plenty of water is also important.

Veggie Stock, Bone Broth, Coconut water and BCAAS

I’ve tried veggie stock as an alternative to bone broth earlier in the challenge and it just boosted my water weight up 2kg which took a week and a bit to disappear and I’m not incredibly interested in doing that again. Lo carb coconut water is a potential option I’m going to investigate. Challenge buddies have suggested drinking BCAA’s (Branch-chain amino acids) to help with the electrolytes.  I do take BCAA tablets, they came as a sample once and I just stuck with them, I’m not sure if drinking them makes any difference but I’m willing to give it a go.
I found the lowest carb coconut water at our local supermarket… still 9.4g of carbs in 200ml.  Ouch! Champagne has less carbs, though probably wouldn’t help with the head ache.  I’ve tried it for 2 days now, I’m going to skip it today because a friend sent some BCAA powder my way which I’m going to try instead.  Also, I’d much prefer to eat my carbs.
The fog has lifted, headaches are still a dull ache in the back of my head, but I’m starting to think a massage might help with that too.
Keto Fog and electrolytes


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